Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dear 24 Hour Fitness,

I miss you. I miss the convenience of a big gym with all the equipment, unlimited classes, and pickup sport games arranged in the evenings. I miss the convenience of having my body fat tested monthly and a sense of accountability to the people who I see at the gym everyday. I miss going to visit you everyday. I miss the included gym daycare center for my kids, as well as classes included in the price. I miss everything about you.

Why not move back here to the east and open one up in some town close to me? Why don't you take my husband up on his offer to build it? Why must you hoard such a wonderful and reasonable gym experience to those in California, Utah, and other western states. I will faithfully visit you almost everyday if you come here. It's just not the same running on your neighbor's treadmill, running in the snow around a field while your kids play on the playground, or turning to fat and lard from all the fabulous and hearty German food back here in Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Longingly missing you, Mary

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