Monday, December 20, 2010

The Spirit of Christmas

It was with anguish that I have been approaching the holiday season, typically my favorite time of year. I was struggling to feel the real impact and meaning of the birth of Christ and was being distracted by things which I didn't feel like I could eliminate from my life. On Saturday morning as I closed out our last ward choir practice before the big program, I wept as I prayed that we would remember the miracle of Jesus' birth and life and what it meant for us. In the car I relayed my sorrows to my husband and he as ever listened patiently.

We headed to the store. We were going to let the kids do their shopping for one another. We go into the store one kid at a time while the other parent sits in the car waiting with the others. As we had finished with all four kids, I loaded out one last time, put the bags in the trunk and walked to my own door. A man stepped out of the crowd handed me something and said Merry Christmas. I thought it was literature on Christ or something and so I thanked him and got into my car. I opened it again to see that it was a green bank envelope with $100. This had been just what I needed, not the hundred dollars. Although I don't care who you are that is a nice gift. It was that I had finally seen the spirit of the season through this man and his simple gift.

Later that day we had a semi impromptu trip to the Smithsonian as a family, where the kids got to see the Hope Diamond and other cool exhibits. We then went over to the temple and visitor's center to see the lights, trees, and nativity sets. Then on Sunday we had a lovely church program. Latter that night we made holiday cookies for friends and neighbors. And then got a call from some friends for an invitation to go caroling. It was great and we came back to the house for some hot chocolate or apple cinnamon cider and pumpkin roll. Yummo! After I went to the airport to pick up my Sista, woot woot! The holiday has officially started. Surrounded by family and friends and the kindness of other I can remember why this time of year is so important after all. I hope you are remembering too!


Sommer said...

Oh Mary that is such a neat experience you had. That makes me so happy to hear stories like that and thank you for helping me to remember what it's all about.

whitney allison said...

That is awesome. I'm sure that man loves doing it too.

Don't forget to watch Mr. Krueger's Christmas...that always brings home the "meaning of Christmas" to me.

Alisa said...

Thanks for sharing that Mary. I was just feeling that the other day and complaining to my boss, her feeling the same way, about how Christmas wasn't any fun this year. Right then and there I made a deal with her that I was going to get all my homework done over the weekend and start chillin! I actually did that and I have to say that I am feeling so much better now. It is time to just start enjoying and remembering.