Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Church Santa

Spoiler Alert for the young reader:

This past weekend our ward had it's annual Christmas Party. Of course Santa happened to make a visit and allowed the kids to sit on his lap and make Christmas requests. Here is the story, assimilated as best as possible from several sources:

Issac jumped up on Santa's lap joyfully and listed a quite extensive list of items that he wanted for Christmas including a toy plane, a real shotgun, and some toys. Santa replied that he would probably get everything he wanted. Next Kody made his way over to Santa and told Santa, "I don't want to sit in your lap." Santa said that was fine but asked him what he wanted for Christmas anyway. To which Kody replied, "A hippopotomus." Laughter ensued all around. Last Wyatt got up on Santa's lap and expressed his hearts desire to be given a Wii. Santa replied that he didn't know since Wii's are pretty expensive.

Now I ask you Santa, which is more realistic an expensive Wii for a practically 7 year old or a real shotgun for a barely 5 year old. Those crazy church Santas might make for an interesting Christmas morning.


Julie said...

I told my children that if they really wanted a Wii then they all need to ask Santa for one. So, they are. I have it on good authority that the Jolly fella will follow through...for our household at least.Needless to say, they won't be getting very much from Mike and I this year.How can we compete with a Wii?

whitney allison said...

Seriously, I was like...did I just read that right, he said real shot gun and Santa said he'd get it? Too funny.