Monday, December 6, 2010

Keeping Up

In reverse order in the last two weeks we have.... had an old man back into my not moving vehicle. $600 dollars to his insurance later it looks marvelous, but that is ludicrous. We have had the van start making funny noises, strand Travis in a rain storm to walk home, and that will be fixed by my super handy hubby tonight.
have made birthday treats to take to school. Rice crispy circles with chocolate frosting and mini Reese's Pieces. As well as baked 4 batches of cookies for Manheim Women's Club, assemble 130 some odd 1 lb. packages and sell them at the Manheim Auto Auction. This year the flattery from the Auto Auction men was laid on as thick as ever. What a good day! And cooking more cookies for a neighborhood cookie exchange.
have been spoiling Issac's very particular birthday whims of breakfast in bed. Check out his mini 6 pack. Remember this child is also considered obese on the BMI body chart.
have been having lunch dates with neighbors and friends and kids.
have spent a lot of time at the shooting range. Recently we joined Manheim Sportsman Association. The kids love our quick impromptu trips to shoot for a bit. They have little point competitions, here they are checking the scores. Also I saw a mildly attractive man there, who got a whole lot hotter, in his camo fatigues practicing pistol drills and doing awesome. Something very primal about knowing that man could protect a woman.

celebrating Thanksgiving both in the school for the first grade feast, and the actual day of with Turkey Bowl football, which I also cash in on and dinner at my brother's house with his family.

We have been keeping super busy, but every minute is better than the last, so I can't complain.

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We Three Queens said...

Looks like you have plenty going on in your life. Big surprise. You seem to navigate it well.