Friday, November 12, 2010

This and That

How I wish I could turn back time just a week or two and relive the cusp of changing leaves. Autumn is my favorite season and it always feels like the season passes too quickly and before I know it the leaves are already all on the ground exposing the bare branches.
But while sitting waiting for Issac to come out of Pre-K today, I looked up and saw this and just marveled at the beauty of the season. While Issac is at school, Kody and I have been engaging in one on one craft time what we like to call naked painting. When I look at this boy's total lack of hips and butt to hold up his pants I have to wonder where that came from because heavens knows, I have more than my fair share of junk in the trunk.
Last Saturday we went to Mt. Gretna Roller Rink for their school skate day. Although it was a total flop for a school activity, because next to no one showed up, our family had a blast and we actually taught the kids how to skate.
Bella actually got the whole gliding motion down and proved to be a good sport after an inital bout of crying and frustration at not being naturally good at everything. Travis broke out his skate dancing skills and made me fall in love with him all over again with his totally cute playfulness.
Kody started strong but was the first to be done. Issac, athlete that he is, took to it like a fish in water. Although not graceful or filled with gliding he fell done the least and engaged in a relay race. Wyatt handled as he does everything else, totally in stride. Since it was so empty I pulled the rink ref aside and had him show me how to skate backwards, a skill I had always envied from my own elementary and middle school days. By the end of the day I had even partially mastered the transition from front to back while skating, and back to front - which is suprisingly more complicated than the previous.
Also recently we had character dress up day at school. Unlike Halloween costumes and parades, after the fact they focus on storybook, fairy tale, and literary characters and dressing up - although there is some overlap. Issac wanted to be superman - see his full regala below. While the morning of Wyatt changed his mind and wanted to be a pig from the three little pigs. Twenty minutes, a glue gun, and my craft bin later I had fashioned him a pig nose and tail satisfiying his desires to be swine.
And last but not least as reward for my fabulous primary kids and their spectacular primary program singing, I made whoopie pies - 60 of them. Which is 120 little chocolate cake cookies. It was a mere "quintupling" of the original recipe. And as I baked that was what I thought about. What is that word? Four is quadrupling the recipe. What is five?


whitney allison said...

Quintupling...just makes sense.

Sechrist Family said...

Never too many whoopie pies!

Carrie said...

You are a saint to make that many whoopie pies! Now I understand your comment about them on Saturday!