Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm A Sucker for a Sweet Deal

I love a good Christmas card. I get excited about taping them to my doorway. I like the Christmas letter that lets you know what everyone is up to. And most of all I love the picture(s) that keep you apprised of how all of your family and friends are growing up who live long distances away.

Shutterfly has provided a great deal for bloggers. Basically after advertising them on your blog you are entitled to 50 free holiday cards. Paint me happy and call me crazy. It took not more than a moment for me to link on over to their site, see if there were any cards I loved, and start the easily navigated personalization of that card. Just a note, make sure you save your card along the way. We wouldn't want that hard work going to waste. Wondering which card I picked, well you may just have to wait until you receive yours in the mail in a couple of weeks. Here's a hint it includes a picture(s). If you're concerned your not on our family's mailing list, just send me an email with an address. With all this freeness, I am happy to be generous when all I am paying for is shipping and postage.

And because Shutterfly is so fantastically generous I expect cards from each of you too. Here is the link for you to start your shopping now. A girl has to be frugal in these economic times and Shutterfly really makes it easy and cute.

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