Saturday, November 15, 2014

Who You Are and What You'll Be - Child 4

Dakota Dean,
Kody man,
You are summed up by your two names.
You are such an old soul in a little boy body.
Your my boy, who in innocence, crushes my windpipe with suck intense love and hugs.
The boy who has always embraced and encouraged the snuggle.
The boy who has more ability to love than perhaps any person I have ever known - seriously ever.
Your empathy is bottomless and your championing of the underdog is noble.
You sacrifice endlessly your desires, because other's happiness is your greatest wish.
Sometimes your maturity and depth makes me teary eyed in awe.
You are strong, physically and spiritually.
You do amazing feats of strength and are the reminder to me of who to rely on in a crisis.
I know that Heavenly Father is pleased with who you are.  You are special.
You were meant to be a "foster" brother.
Your ability to love and include people is priceless.
You never hold a grudge and you forgive endlessly - at least 70 times 7 easily.
There are times I don't feel worthy to be your mom.
I'm sure I'm learning more from you than you are from me.
I can't begin to fathom what your Earthly life will shape up to be.
So much of you came to Earth already formed.
I'm just trying to figure out how to encourage what you already are.
Your perspective has always been more eternal than most.
Your whole life is one big mission, but the two year stint will be...
somewhere like China or where the people will need the love and coddling you excel at giving.
I hope your wife will be playful and draw out your fun side.
Your kids will revere you.
The Lord will always be your best friend and your heart will continue to grow.
You'll increase in righteousness and be a beacon of the Savior's love.
Your gifts are not as easily recognized by others.
But know that I see them.
I know who you are.
You are my inspiration of charity.
I adore you.

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