Friday, November 21, 2014

Team Marathons and Friends

So when you and your friend make lofty plans to run a half marathon every other month from April through October, it sounds fun.  But when crazy schedules, broken ankles, and life intervenes you make do.  And you do a couple races, but otherwise just run the miles on your own one day to keep the goal instead of registering for and running races by yourself - not my idea of a fun way to spend money.

But as you close out your season and she calls you to do a team relay type marathon with you and your hubby and her and her hubby, you think about it.  It could be fun.  And the mileage is easy 26/4 is just over 6.5/person.  And since your daughter is coming out of cross country you think this might be a great race experience for her and a good way to increase her miles (in terms of racing miles). 

So we set one up for November 8th.  It was right outside of Philly, so 1 1/2 hours away.  And everyone wanted to do one mile loops and just keep alternating all day long.  They brought their baby and the boys stayed home.  It ended up being really fun.  And our team time was 3:53, which is not bad.  And if you are the type to track everyone's lap times, you can then calculate your average mile times and everyone else's too, even Miss Gimpy - who is still recovering from a broken ankle, whose doctor has expressly not cleared her for running. 

Bella ran 6.25, I ran 6, Travis and Derek ran 5 miles, and Christie ran 4.  And our paces were respectively 8:26, 8:41, 8:19. 8:48 and 10:28.  I would say we crushed it.  Kudos team.  Love you guys the most!  Link for their pictures...bib numbers 401-405 for our team. 

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