Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Who You Are and What You'll Be - Child 1

You are a special kind of beautiful that is not only surface deep
but through every cell of your making.
You radiate happiness, goodness and I am so proud of you.
You work hard and accomplish as much as a small army.
Speaking of armies you could run a small one; you actually do.  It's called - brothers.
But you're not a dictator or a tyrant holding your birthright and age over their heads but leading by example and gentle persuasion in the form of treats and special time.
You're smart, funny and just a joy to have as a child. 
I don't have to worry about you - your heart is pure.
But I do wonder who or what you'll be.
Will you ever work or always stay at home?

What will your legacy be as a mother, a wife?
Will you go on a mission, what will be your major in college and why?
Will we forever be best friends, like we are now.
I hope so.  Because I sure think you are awesome!
But here are my predictions for the future.
You will go on a mission to France,
you'll go to college - major in English or Literature.
You'll stay at home and try to write on the side.
You may not ever pen the "next great American novel" but you'll be an amazing mom,
much better than me.
You'll marry a man who sees how wonderful you are and treasures and adores you.
He'll love God and together you will raise these amazing, beautiful grandbabies - for me of course.
You'll take your love of life and share it with everyone around you.
You'll inspire those you meet and make the Lord proud.
Go and do - the future is yours to grab.
Love you, baby!

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