Friday, November 7, 2014

Who You Are and What You'll Be - Child 2

Man do I love you!  It's so deep, this feeling I have for you.
You may not be quick to give affection to new people, but when you do...
those reserves run bottomless.
You are first in line to give hugs and kisses.
Almost daily you surprise me with gestures of your limitless love.
You are such a strength to those around you.
You never worry about what others will think or say, you are who you are.
And although you may not be keen on large social situations,
you are a constant first pick among your friends and classmates because of your character.
You are firm and steady.
You remind me of the Army of Helaman and the faith of those Stripling Warriors.
Right and wrong are clear to you and you almost always do what you should.
I know it's hard for you to see injustices and struggle with the accompanying anger you feel.
But I know that in the end, you'll figure out how to be a champion for good,
without trying to right every wrong in your way.
Who will you be? 
What type of woman will you choose to marry?
What profession will challenge the great mind Heavenly Father gave you?
What kind of missionary will you be?
How hands on of a dad will you be?
These questions remain for me as you are still growing and changing.
Some of the answers are more clear than others.
I have no guess as to what your wife will be like.
I hope she sees how amazing you are, despite your being a man of few words.
I can't see you doing anything for life except science.
Whatever you do, it will always require you to learn or discover something new.
You'll be a missionary who works hard and is innovative in your teaching approach.
I think you'll go somewhere obscure - Mongolia or Syria???
You'll be the most doting father to your daughters and you'll be a best friend to your sons.
You'll do remarkable things, I'm sure.
I'll watch and see.
Impress me - I have never doubted that you could.
All the love, my heart holds.

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