Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Who You Are and What You'll Be - Child 3

You have so many great and readily seen gifts.
You are filled with bubbles of love, happiness, warmth, and
agreeability that always float up and outward.
Add to that your brand of honesty, truth and charm and the world is yours to claim.
Your love of the gospel and your simple faith make you admirable,
but your constant desire to really know and serve people have you leading wherever you are.
And I love the way you lead, it never feels bossy - always fun, even when working.
You are fearless and not easily deterred from your goals.
You stick with things and aren't afraid of a little pain.
I guess it's not so much that you are fearless, but that you are brave enough
to beat your fears time and time again.
It's exciting to watch.
What does Heavenly Father have in store for you?
Only time will tell.
I don't know that you'll ever follow the most traditional or easy path.
I don't think that you will rebel,
but that you will be brave enough to listen to what and where your heart/spirit leads.
You'll share the gospel with many and convert tons.
Probably in a place like Honduras or Costa Rico.
You'll marry a beautiful girl that will think you walk on water.
I can't see you working 9-5, but instead running a company - probably your own.
College will be one large social experiment.
You'll be the consummate fun dad.
You'll have tickle wars and find that you de-stress by spending time with your family.
You'll unknowingly spoil your wife and she'll love you for it.
You'll spend your life building momentum and enthusiasm.
It's inevitable.
My Issac, we'll always be linked by our many similarities.
I hope that you'll spend your life coming to me to chat, like you do now.
I love seeing how your brain works and what you're thinking.
It's such goodness.
Stay pure - it suits you!

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