Monday, November 24, 2014

Third Grade Field Trip - Philadelphia Zoo

Someone asked me how many times, I had been on this field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo.  The answer would be three times.  I then explained that my husband and I had been on the Manheim Farm Show fieldtrip 14 times.  Yes you heard it here.  You see they go every year for all students K-2 and since my kids are so close together in age, there have been many years when I've gone twice in the same day on the same field trip just at different times or he and I have divided and conquered.

I'm that parent...on every field trip.  I don't think it's too obnoxious for my kids yet, because I would gladly give some of them up if they showed any signs of annoyance.  But alas, parenting is like anything I do in life and I'm not willing to settle for doing it second best, so there I am - where they want me to be, even if it is 3 or 14 times.  This year for Philly, I got a group of 5 little boys.  When one of the other 3rd grade teachers found out, she was like that is our biggest group and they are boys  To which my son's teacher responded, "I know she can handle it.  It's like her everyday life."  Which is true often I travel single handedly with five little boys.  And it was fine.

They are good boys, we had tons of fun.  The animals really put on some good shows for us.  There were baby tiger cubs.  The rain and mist were cold and wet, but our good attitudes prevailed.  It helped that most of these boys have been best buds for years. 

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