Monday, June 30, 2014

Theater Program

So the school district we live in is well known for their sports program.  Every year we have some team ranked in state competitions.  Many district decisions are made with the athletic programs in mind.  Some people complain that it is all that is ever considered.  They worry about the lack of arts or other such nonsense. 

For me I don't always know what they are complaining about.  Because I see that our elementary school's PTO sponsors the "theater program" every other year, by sending every student to see a show in the local theaters from Lancaster to Harrisburg to Reading.  Then our first grade teachers put on a little musical for the first graders every year.  It used to be a play by a fourth grade teacher but when she retired they took over with this.  Last our community has a volunteer led theater program called iStage for students from 4th-12th grade. 

These programs show me that people care about the arts and that since the school lets all of these programs use their buildings for practices and performances I'd say they're doing okay.  And all of this doesn't even speak to the actual musicals and plays that the high school puts on.

Here are the pictures of my little kiddos in their performances.  I love watching them!

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