Friday, June 27, 2014

End of School Year Craze

So the end of the school year is always super packed.  I lose my mind with running the kids back and forth.  Sadly the summer has been much the same.  All in a good way of course, but I wonder if I could even remember what my days consist of if I didn't record it here. 
This year Issac was in an after school basketball camp.  He loved it and got really good.  They had a tournament for families to watch the last week of school.  He killed it!
 Of course there are the end-of-year parties.  They have relays, play games, and eat popsicles.
 Issac with his teacher.
Wyatt participated in circus club where they learn to juggle, walk on stilts, hula hoop, unicycle, and jump rope while doing crazy things as well as tumbling.  They then do an assembly for the school as well as one for the parents.  Love our little school!

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