Monday, June 9, 2014

Middle School Field Day

Have I told you how much I love our school?  Well I do.  Our middle school has a field day that is steeped in tradition.  This isn't your garden variety waste time near the end of school, but an event that focuses on athleticism, good sportsmanship, and learning about global events.  And we've been doing it for some 40 odd years.

Every home room class in 5th and 6th grade creates a team, with their own matching colored t-shirts.  They create a flag/banner and then they compete in track and field events.  Discuss, shot put, sprints, long distance running and jumping as well as a Special Olympics sub category (want to see adults get emotional, watch this part of the day) are all a part of this competition.  They then compete against themselves, their classmates, and of course the other teams.  All of this is done only after the opening ceremony, where they do the parade, carrying the torch and national anthem.  It's amazing.

Thanks to all the administrators, staff and parent volunteers who recognize how cool this event is, because I love it!!!
Only in PA can a day start as misty and foggy as above and end up in beautiful and sunny perfection.
Bella's events were the 100M, 4x100M, long jump and discus.  She medaled in discus and 4x100.
Seriously the best!!!

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