Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Last Day of School and Fourth Grade Graduation

Issac was nervous for the last day of school
and learning who his teacher would be for next year,
but he is still so adorable.
Shortly after the kids left for school,
 I rushed in to help decorate for fourth grade graduation. 
Yes 5th grade is the middle school in our district.
Wyatt and his best bud Bailey. 
 Photo bomb by Isabella.
Awards were given. 
Wyatt got some for Envirothon, Principal's Award
and Honor Roll and Music. 
Then they did a class photo shoot with their graduation year. 
A bit premature for my thinking but I guess that's reality.
It's official.  School's out. 
I have a K, two 2nd graders, a 3rd grader,
and two middle schoolers. 

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