Friday, March 18, 2016

This Crazy Lot of Kids

Nothing is more amusing to me than listening to the things kids say, catching a glimpse into the way they view the world.  I feel like if I can capture the crazy talk, it will one day make them laugh the way it does me.

Wyatt:  I want a girlfriend. 
Me: Why?
Wyatt:  Not a girlfriend, girlfriend, but a friend who is a girl who is open to more.  That way when I am 16 I can just date her instead of having to introduce myself to new girls.  It's like if I plan now I can just skip all the work then.

Kody:  Give me a kiss.
Me:  No, I don't trust you any more.
Kody:  Please, I won't blow air on you anymore and I haven't licked you in a long time now.

Travis:  I'm so sad we are only going to have this dog another 13 years or so.

Kody:  Mom, your teeth are so white.  Mine are yellow, I should probably brush mine more.

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