Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sun: Nature's Original Makeup

The first warm snap of the season is always a welcome one.  There are a million and one things I want to do - lay out, get tan, exercise and play - and a million things I should do - yard work, catch up and the like.  This year I managed to do a little of both, but not near as much as I wish I could before the rain came back.

After an incident with a guy weed spraying the whole yard and killing the bulk of it last fall, we had to reseed the whole lawn.  Not only did we have to reseed, but we had to rake up the dead stuff, break up the dirt and prep the ground to accept the seed germination.  After that we had to water twice a day for at least ten days.  Never have I been so invested in the weather forecast. And the weather had to be above freezing and perfect conditions were 60-70 degrees.  Well the weather forecast looked good and so we spent three days slaving over the yard.  Each morning I woke up sore knowing that I had another day ahead of me of the "fun".

But with the warm weather I can always convince someone to come run with me.  Isabella and Travis are my most willing partners.  And with the start of track season on Monday, Isabella thought she could use the extra conditioning.  Additionally family time was spent outside together.  For family home evening, we decided to go hiking.  Despite the initial resistance, the kids had a great time, the dog was in love and I felt like I was using this time perfectly.

Last it wouldn't be a perfect first warm snap without the color of the sun.  Working and hiking outside got me just enough exercise and color to feel healthy again.  A hint of brown with a touch of pink means a couple of days with no makeup needed.  It leaves me longing for the continued warmth and sun to cut down on my get ready time.  It reminds me why I love all four seasons and why by the end of the season I am perfectly primed for the next one.  Living in Pennsylvania gives this restless girl the perfect amount of each season with its accompanying activities.  Hello Spring, I'm officially ready for you!

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