Monday, March 28, 2016


Student Council becomes more real with each year.  Understandably Isabella gets more excited about being in it too.  As they plan events, have fundraisers, design t-shirts, create party themes, build school camaraderie and help support great community causes, she gets more pumped.  I love the little person she is becoming.

Mini-thon, click on link for official page, helps support cancer patients and their families.  They are the largest student run philanthropy organization in the world.  It was started at Penn State campus and now lots of school in Pennsylvania participate. 

This year's theme was be a child's hero, they had mini snacks - you should have seen the penny sized animal crackers - and they danced and played.  It was a huge success and they were able to raise over $9,000.  Go job Boobaloo!  I love you.

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