Thursday, December 3, 2015

Holy Kilts and Such

So I went to Scotland,
with Elizabeth
to get her settled for University.

That's fancy Scottish talk for college,
post-grad school to be exact.
She was worried.
I have a travel bug. 
Everyone wins.

I don't know that I ever wanted to
go to Scotland.  I felt no pull,
connection or strong desire.
But once there...

It's beautiful, it's diverse.
It's like our whole country's landscape
packed into one Pennsylvania
sized country.

Their groceries are dirt cheap.
The specialize in meat pies and pastries.
The men wear kilts and sing and dance.

It's turns out their royalty/
political leader - James V,
who later becomes Britain's James I
is my 13th great grandparent.

So everywhere I went,
I looked for Stewart clan items.
Absorbed every detail about my heritage.
Basked in the culture, the country
and now recommend it to others to visit.

On the negative side,
they were not overly friendly
as I was led to believe.  Not unfriendly,
just stick to themselves.

The rumors of drinking are all true,
and probably not exaggerated.
There is a bit of a sense of romantic desperation.
Go see it for yourself.
That's all!

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