Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Me You Don't Know!!

Hi, my name is Mary... I am the most awesome Wife, Mother, and Friend in the universe.

Most people see me as a regular yahoo who's out for a good time.

About 5 times a week you will see me in a public School. Helping in some form or fashion. Reading books is my favorite past time but I realize that there are other important things in this life.

Believe it or not I run marathons I find that they keep this God given tool called a body sharp and strong.I have pillow talk at night with my kids. I do this to bond with them so that they trust me during every phase of their life. First I'm a Parent then I'm a friend.

I let little kids mess up my nails because I think it's more important for me to make a child feel loved and appreciated than it is for my nails to be done up right by a professional
I challenge my kids to do hard things and I give them big rewards. I think that's how Heavenly Father works so I'll mirror his plan. 

My Husband thinks I'm sexy and he can't keep his eyes off me. I'm surprised that our bond has grown deeper over the 15 years we have been married. He really makes me crazy sometimes but I know his needs are just as important as mine. I continually try to be water to our heated discussions. In the end we always make it through those tough conversations.

What's the difference between a neighbor and a friend????? Nothing..he he he! They all deserve my time and attention.

So Mary didn't write this post actually I (Travis Whiting aka Husband) hijacked her blog account and posted a little something about her because she would never share the following information. All who know Mary would agree that she has some special gift that reminds them of the Energizer Bunny.

Mary has many gifts one of which is humility. Most people in the community think that she has endless energy and is happy 100% of the time. She wants people to wonder why she has so much energy and is always happy but allast nobody ever voices this curiosity. I will spill the beans about her secret because it's so dear to her heart that she would never come out waving her own Flag because that's just not her style. In reality the gift she has, glorifies God, and so, to exploit it herself would detract from the Glory that is rightfully His not hers. She knows this, so she keeps it to herself unless someone presses her for information. Even then, she is found teaching the principle and her humility doesn't allow her to take the credit.

The fact of the matter is that the secret to her endless energy is not seen by the public eye. It's a Mormon thing. To put it simply she has made a covenant with Heavenly Father. For those who don't know a covenant is a two way promise. I promise something to God and He promises something in return. The deal she made with God is found in the scriptures. DC 84:33 " 33 For whoso is faithful unto the obtaining these two priesthoods of which I have spoken, and the magnifying their calling, are sanctified by the Spirit unto the renewing of their bodies." To keep this post short and not go into a lengthy discourse let's say for the sake of argument that the priesthood spoken above means if She puts God's will first in her life and concentrates on his work then she gets the blessings of the promise. So, that, coupled with her desire to be her best self (Not compared to others but compared to herself yesterday) makes this a formula that God can not deny (as successfully filled) and therefore God can not lie. And so he is bound by his own covenant. She wakes up each morning and her body is renewed. I have witnessed this for 16 years of her life. 

If this God given principle wasn't true then she would have hit burn out 10 years ago and should be a hermatized recluse by now. But God is real and the scripture is true.

In each of the picture scenario's above Mary could choose the selfish path but she doesn't. Consistently and dependably Heavenly Father has built a relationship with His daughter because she chooses "His will" not her own, time and time again.

I love this amazing "Saint in the latter days" Thanks babe for choosing the road less traveled.

I want the Whole World to know your secret. So with the utmost admiration I post this blurb.

With Love,


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The Congers said...

Thanks for sharing the secret. Everybody does wonder how she does. Thanks Mary for being a great example, even from afar.