Monday, April 6, 2015

This and That Ketchup (in no particular order)

Book Fair - I was the chairperson.  It was fraught with bad weather and lots of glitches, but it went well and is done.  Hallelujah!

Holocaust Museum and Valentine's Day- Valentine's Day we made balloons with the kids' names and after popping them they read their favorite things that Travis and I like about them.  This made Wyatt feel like a rock star and proved to be a great idea.  Then we went to the Holocaust Museum to teach them about what too little love will look like in the world and because it's awesome.  Then in commemoration of our engagement on VDay and our marriage, we went to the temple.

Cooking Lasagna - I tried using whole wheat pasta.  Travis was not a fan, the others mainly indifferent.  But if you are going to make homemade lasagna, why not make tons and freeze for later and for taking to people.

Cell Project - Wyatt had to draw or design a plant and animal cell.  Well why not make huge chocolate chips cookies with frosting to illustrate it more perfectly and win class favor and teacher bonus points.  There were some other really cool ones made of Jell-O and other food items.

Bowling RPA - Foster families have quarterly family building activities.  Two events ago, we did bowling.  The kids really are starting to take to it.  Not great, but we no longer need bumpers.  Bella masters it for at least one frame and grabs a strike.

School Vday Party - Games, playing and food - what's not to love?

Arrow of Light - Wyatt got his arrow of light, despite being postponed eat least 2 times.  He was so cute and happy.  As was I.  My kids are growing too fast!

Fasnacht Day  - the key is the real mashed potatoes used in the dough.  I made fewer than ever before this year, still 100.  Still I need all the fancy coatings (glaze, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar).

Jump Rope for Heart - the school does a fundraiser for heart health awareness.  They do all kinds of activities, but one gym class is devoted to jumping rope and having a healthy snack.  This is Issac and his "rat pack" group of friends.  Cute boys!

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