Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Road Show, Selfies and All That Jazz

Last month, Travis and I were the stake reps to head up Road Show, which is basically a 24 hour created skit, music, choreography, etc...performed by each of the wards in our stake - church terms that mean a congregation and geographical area that comprises 8-12ish congregations.  The theme was Disney/Pixar movies.  The end result was awesome.
We went to the Poconos to visit the Egberts, who are awesome and who we already miss, we celebrated Bella's birthday up there and had tons of fun.
Women's Club had a great little speaker on the history of hats.  She had quire a collection and we had so much fun trying them on.  Don't I look fetching?

Then the first week of April was Read Across America Week and Dr. Suess' birthday.  Kody's teacher always makes green eggs and hams for the kids to try.  Kody was not a fan, despite his liking both foods when not green.  What a punk!
Bella grew big enough for a full size violin.  We tested out over twenty different ones and settled on one we both loved.  It was not cheap, but it could have been so much worse.  Here's hoping she makes my investment worth it.
We also celebrated Easter with some egg hunts and candy.
Our school had an art show.  It was quite awesome.  Made me want to get all crafty, creative again.  But alas no time, energy or money for that.  I have bigger and more important goals that require those aforementioned resources.  But it was an urge I hadn't felt in a long time and so surprised me.
Apparently I practiced the art of selfies.  I think I am terrible at single selfies.  It's fine with my hubster, a kid or others, but when it is just me - it feels super awkward.
And last we had a Pinewood Derby.  Issac was over in weight, we had to last minute saw up the car to get it to work.  It raced horribly.  He put it on the track backwards which didn't help and lost every round.  But he had fun, we followed it up with a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings and his picture and care made it into the local paper. 
So here we are trundling along. 

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