Thursday, April 30, 2015

It's Not All Unicorn Farts

My daughter once told me she thought rainbows were unicorn farts.  Quite frankly that's a mental picture I'll never be able to undo...but since it mostly makes me laugh I'll take it.

Life wouldn't be quite the ride without the drop after you click, click, click up the happiness coaster.  So this week I got my drop that turns life into a thrill ride.  My outdoor grill kicked the bucket and died right as grilling weather was starting to make its debut.  It barely blipped on my radar until halfway through mowing my yard later in the week, my lawn mower made a horrible noise and ejected with fierce velocity some flying metal shrapnel.  Fun times. 

Travis took me out to dinner on Tuesday night so I wouldn't be so bummed and then we went to Lowe's and Wal-Mart to shop for new ones.  The irony of spending more money to make me feel better about spending money is not lost on me, but hey it works.  So to each their own.  And as we finished our little "date night"  I rode out of the store on a flatbed cart with our lawn mower and new gas grill, pretending it was a huge lion I was riding and singing...Katy Perry's "Roar" as Travis wheeled me through the parking lot.  Yep, I still have fun dating my husband.

Well tonight Travis calls me and says the car broke down.  Never is there a convenient time for this type of thing, but it was at a pretty inconvenient time.  He was close enough to his appointment, dropping our foster daughter off for a parent visit, that he walked her the rest of the way there, called me to come pick him up and tow the lot of them home.  In the meantime...Texted me this pic claiming that based on the sound he heard before the car stopped working that it was a certain part, walked to the parts store - bought it and watched the YouTube video on how to fix it.
tow when "swyping" autocorrects to toe or you're
Well nothing makes our marriage stronger like shared "that's life" challenges.  So I called and got out of my meeting and got the duct tape he asked for and went.  I swear we would either be the totally crazy couple or the kick butt couple on Amazing Race.  I can go either way...if you can imagine it.  Yea, I thought you could.  But we towed his car from downtown Lancaster to Manheim on the highway, on the back roads and through our subdivision like champs.  Saved $200 on a tow.  Yea, don't ask about our expired AAA membership.  Who needs it anyway, right?!?!  And laughed as my gas light came on mid-tow.  Also the irony that my car with over 200,000 miles is towing the one with less than 100.000 miles.
On the way home, I phoned my friend to see if she could bring my two kids home from play practice, what with our unexpected delays in schedule.  She laughed and said...bad things happen in three, right?  You're done.  I laughed with her assuming she was right until I walked in the door, saw a box from Amazon with a part for our refrigerator to get the water dispenser working again and saw that my computer had shut down and rebooted again for no reason.  That's right the blasted thing is on the fritz.

So maybe my drop isn't done yet.  There's still a little thrill left in this ride.  But you know what, I'll take my Unicorn Farts, because each day I'm learning it's all about perspective.  And you know...he's halfway done fixing the car already!

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Adams said...

Husbands who can fix anything are amazing! I know I am so grateful for mine!

I loved your perspective on all of this. Keep it up and inspire us all!