Thursday, April 9, 2015

Chavez/Carlock Wedding

Jessika, was one of my favorite sister missionaries ever.  But of course I never called her by her first name until she got off her mission and came back to visit us with her sister, Merilyn (pic 1).  Then I went up to New Jersey and New York for her wedding.  The reception was the night before.  Because they are Latino, they could dance and we all did.  Notice my sweaty glow in the 2nd picture.
Then the next day, I drove into Manhattan (pic 3), paid $40.00 to park and went to the Manhattan Temple (pic 4) to witness their wedding.  It was my first time at the temple and it was so different but very cool nonetheless.  I love this couple (pic 5) and how good they are for and to one another.  I love the attitude that this girl can flash (pic 6) in fun and that is why we are friends.  Last I love how close she is to her family (pic 7).  She is just so amazing.
Many congrats to the happy couple.  Love you guys!

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