Tuesday, December 4, 2012


It's a party.  Yeah instead of what have become traditional birthday parties at Chuck E' Cheese or roller skating rinks or pottery painting places, etc...all of which we've been to and love, I have opted to start a new tradition with my kids after trying it out several times now.

Instead of those parties, my kids are allowed to opt for a big birthday present or instead they may opt for a small (4-5) sleepover party for their birthday and a small gift.  Their friends come over and we act crazy and play wild, order pizza and eat, play games and drift towards night with a movie and then bed.  The next morning involves a craft which is their take home gift and we call it quits. 

Issac's birthday was on a Saturday and so ideal for the party which went from Friday night to Saturday.  Then on Monday we had breakfast in bed, a big family tradition but due to rudeness while having friends over it was postponed.  Early Monday mornings make for sleepy breakfasts.

On another note: 
Dear Issac,
You are one of the loves of my life.  You are filled with happiness and joy and sweetness and tenderness.  You can be a bit of a whiner and crier, but you remind me so much of myself when I was younger and even now that I can forgive you most anything.  I love your energetic spirit and all that you are.  I hope that this upcoming year brings you as much joy as the years before.  Happy Birthday buddy.  With love, Mom!

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