Thursday, December 20, 2012


Thanksgiving day was a day of awesomeness.  We woke and played Turkey Bowl football with friends from our church like always.  There were four teams.  I was a team captain, picked Travis first.  Some laughed at our lack of height originally, but strategically I knew what I wanted and our team rocked it all the way to be final champions. 

Then we went to a friends for breakfast/brunch.  It was great and fun and filled with laughter.  Last I had prepped so well that lunch was quickly eaten after arriving home.  I am finding that the earlier we eat on holidays the happier I am.  Plenty of afternoon to rest and continue snacking.  Yummos!  Plus then everyone (I mean me) can nap. 

After naps we went hiking and played outside in the seasonally mild weather.  No black Friday shopping for me but lots of rest and relaxation.

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