Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas

Christmas Eve was wonderful.  We hosted a family get together.  With 30ish of us total, half being children it was a rowdy but fun get together.  There was no discord or conflict - hoo-ray, some kind of family record I swear.  We had stimulating conversation, food galore (my family can't do it any other way) and the kids remained fairly occupied.  Although on a side note: next year our basement will be finished and I can't wait.  More space, more space!!!  [Can you hear my joyous chant as you read?]

After those festivities of which there are no pics because I was having too much fun, the kids changed to pajamas, left out Santa and reindeer goodies, and then read one another Christmas books.  After they settled for the evening, they opened their one present of matching pajamas and we had a photo op.  The kids headed to bed quickly and due to lots of preparation Travis and I were hot on their tails.

Christmas morning I awoke at 8:14 from a shout of, "It's after eight, can we come out?"  A little salute to our rule that regardless of day, etc...the kids are to remain in bed until we get them or after 8am.  Holla for instilling this good habit early, leaves me well rested and just a touch less crazy, but not much.

We opened presents slowly and tortuously, just the way I like.  Once finished we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast which friends of ours had delivered the night before per their family tradition (love you Stone family).  Dinner was already in the oven.  We ate by 1pm.  We napped and headed to my dad's house where another family get together was hosted.  Lots more fun, no arguing once again, and a little harassment on my part of the local missionaries - the evening was complete.

After all of that we headed to my mom's house.  Usually she stays Christmas Eve to day at our house spending the night and joining the festivities.  Due to the funk of flu season and having returned home after staying with us for over three weeks recovering from back surgery she opted to stay home this year sick.  But since we had presents waiting at our house we made this additional stop.  She loved her gifts and was overwhelmed by someone anonymously covering her oil bill for heating. 

With the late hour we headed home, the kids fell asleep in the car, and Travis and I tumbled into bed relishing the fact that we had a white Christmas, first since 2002 someone told me - Woot woot, and enjoyed the idea that it was supposed to snow again the next day - Today. And it did. Hip hip hooray. The season didn't disappoint nor did all the quality time with friends and family, which will still continue for the next week or so. Hope your Christmas was just as good. Lots of love and happy viewing.


Alisa said...

LOVE those balls....those would be so dangerous in our home! Ha!
P.S. Issac looks JUST like you!

Laura Lynn said...

Cute, cute, cute photos. It always looks like your fam has a blast.