Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Going Back

So going way back to finish up early late October and early November...because of Hurricane Sandy canceling tons of flights Travis was able to be home for trick or treating.  My cute kiddos, Pocahontas, Luigi, Mario, and the Red Power Ranger.
With Travis being gone lots, I really have started to fray in certain areas of my life.  The other day I walked in the house and saw this.  Never in the previous 12 years of marriage has my house/counters looked like this.  Don't look to closely because you can't even make rhyme or reason of all the stuff that had accumulated on my counters and table.
Issac's fall party was delayed because of weather and ended up being in November.  I had the kids finger painting in my workout t-shirts to avoid staining their clothes.
And Women's Club of Manheim sponsored an All Pro Dad's event at out elementary school.  This is a program geared for helping dad's to be more active and influential in the life of their kids.  It's an awesome program and I am impressed at all the dad's who bring their kids to school before the school day starts to participate in bonding activities and mini seminars.  I am constantly amazed at the people in my town.
I also helped to chaperon the Wyatt's field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo.  I had this great little group of boys.  So fun, but despite doing way less than I do in a normal day, these field trips leave me feeling exhausted.

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