Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lemonade Stand

My kids, today are hosting their first ever lemonade stand.  Dakota is the driving force in starting and carrying out this operation, Bella is the one with the skills to set it all up and mix up beverage, Wyatt is our money handler, and Issac is the marketer.  He is riding round the neighborhood on his scooter, Paul Revere style, yelling that we have lemonade.  He targets the other little kids out and about.  At a nickel a cup, 16 oz I might add, who can refuse.  The neighbor kids have joined in and we parents are laughing ourselves silly.  I love kids, especially mine :)

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The Congers said...

Hey girl I love the vacay notes! I know if I ever travel cross country I will have to revisit this site, or haha just ask you about travel tips. You pretty much rock! And I will totally take you up on the babysitting.