Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's A Crazy World Out There

One of the things that are most said to me when people hear that I have a hubby who works away from home the majority of the time is:  Do you sleep well or Do you ever get scared at night?  Usually they follow it up with I wouldn't or I'd be too scared to sleep before I even get a chance to answer.

For me the answer is no.  Normally I am not a terribly fearful person, and add to that fact that I have no knowledge of anyone ever entering my house at night or when it is locked in my thirty some odd years of existence and therefore it is not something I worry about.  That being said....

The other night I was deep asleep in my bed.  I awoke automatically feeling like someone was in my room.  This happens with some frequency and so I listened for children footsteps to discern who it was and then what they needed.  I heard no footsteps and so popped up to see who was in my room.  No one!  Hmm.  I still couldn't shake the feeling that someone had been in my room.  It was at this point I started to feel a little freaked out.

So while I mentally willed myself to calm down, I chanted in my head - the doors are all locked, the garage is closed, there is no way anyone could be in the house without my hearing the entry portion.  After a few minutes of calming I ended it with this prayer:

Heavenly Father, I know that faith and fear can't co-exist.  If someone is in the house, tell me how I should proceed, if not let me fall back to sleep and not spare another minute worrying.  Within seconds I fell back into the dreamland I had been awoken from. 

So when people ask me how I sleep the answer is, usually just fine.  Because with answers to prayers like that, there sure is a lot of faith and very little fear.  Sweet Dreams.

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