Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Homeless Tour

As many of you know our family recently went on vacation.  Many have teased me about the length and extremes to which I vacated calling it the Homeless Tour, The Stay-cation: Stay away from home vacation, and other catchy ones.  Regardless it was the experience of a lifetime.

Vacation Name (as deemed by Whitings): Tour the Nation Vacation
Length: 5+ weeks
Number of states traveled through: 20
Number of states visited: 7
Hotels stayed at: 7
Number of family/friends' homes stayed at overnight: 5
Number of total miles driven: 6086
Events participated it: We swam, walked, wake boarded, pseudo bungi jumped, ate, cuddled, explored, tubed, celebrated, played, slid, visited, shopped, climbed, watched, hiked, lit, boated, read, stretched, caved, posed, built, sang, and floated. 
Number of pictures taken: 1600+
Number of pictures downloaded: 1495
Total Cost: $3137.49
Number of memories made: Priceless

The main question we are asked is What was your favorite part? No one in my family has yet to answer it. It was very overwhelming the whole vacation and although while planning the vacation I did so by segments of the trip, it really was a wholistic experience that is hard for my kids to seperate mentally. More easily they can tell you what they didn't like or what was a disappointment to them. But more about that as I blog more specifically.

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Laura Lynn said...

Seriously, the cost is amazing. We spent more for a week at Disneyworld and that was mainly for tickets and food. Hotels were a bargain.
Good job! I can't wait for our next vacation. I need to use your budgeting skills.