Thursday, August 16, 2012

Homage to Friendships

Along with trying to finish visiting all 50 states, this year's vacation was a homage to friendships I have made.  If you know me I use the word best friend to describe about a half a dozen people in my life.  The truth is once you are my "friend" you do so for life.  We may not talk everyday, write, email, or even make facebook comments on one another's walls - I understand that their lives are as filled and busy as mine - but when we reunite it is like a day has not passed where we haven't talked.  We fall into old habits and patterns.  We share anything and everything that has happened and we lay endlessly in bed or half cuddled on the couch together recapping our lives.  So these vacation posts will be as much about the people as the places.

Stop 1 was Chicago Illinois, home of Kristy, old college roommate, this term is also loosely used on anyone who I spent enormous amounts of time with during college whether we actually lived together or not.  Originally from Arizona we were at Ricks together.  Even once I was married, she was still confident enough to come play at my house with me and my hubster without having the third wheel mentality that created undue awkwardness.  I tried to get her to marry my brother without success and I guess that's for the best because her now husband is awesome too and we are still friends without actually being related, which was my biggest concern.  She lived in Pittsburgh for a while and when she did we saw each other more often, but I know that wherever she lives - I'll always track her down - I still think it should be PA, but whatever :)

While in Chicago, we spent most everyday at the beach, Lake Michigan.  The kids played and she lives so close we walked each day.  Personal Disclosure about to happen:  After arriving in Chicago, much to my chagrin I had popped a hemorrhoid.  This has never happened except for after having my babies.  I don't know if it was a result of 12 hours of driving or a pretty intense night of partying it up with friends two days before I left, regardless I was really bummed, in a lot of pain, and struggling to remain optimistic.  I felt like the least cool friend ever and worst house guest, but she let me lay in bed when we weren't at the beach laying and she laid beside me talking the days away, which later became a concern for Billy, aka husband, when he said every night I come home and you guys are in bed together and all the kids are in front of the TV.

Kristy understands so much about me.  In my opinion we have similar body types, have almost always been able to share clothes, not an easy task for someone with my body type and she is ridiculously strong.  Once doing a push-up with Travis laying on top of her, which then sparked my competitive spirit into doing said push-up too.  But in so many ways she is better than me - she is warm, kind, loving and generous in crazy amounts and I can't leave her house without acquiring so much stuff.  In that way she is like her mother who also always sends me on my way with assorted items I never knew I needed.  She is the penultimate All-American mom of snuggles and positive reinforcement and total support.  I love this girl and my time with her was unforgettable.  Last our kids got along fantastically.  I love when that happens.  I miss her tons and seeing her was amazing.

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Christie said...

Aww that was so sweet about your friend! She sounds so wonderful that I love her too, already. I'm excited to keep reading about your trip! Sorry about the h-roid though. Yikes!