Friday, January 13, 2012


Dear Grandma,

Just so you know, you are often on my kid's minds.  Although I wonder if you would totally love the things they are saying.  Just remember they are innocents.  That's why when I heard these things recently, I just had to laugh.  And post them, so that all could join in the wondrous joys of children who speak their minds.

First before Christmas as I asked Travis what we should get you for Christmas, Issac piped up "I know.  We should get her a new wheel chair.  She could really use one of those."

Then after the days you spent over at our house for Christmas Wyatt walked in the house and sat down one day and said, "You can tell Grandma spent a lot of time in this chair.  It smells like her."  I asked him what it smelled like and he said, "Flowers, weird powder, and old."

Then a week or so later as we drove in the car with the kids and Bella's one friend, I overheard talking.  The conversation went something like this.  Bella said I love Christmas cookies.  My grandma is the best.  She is always getting us Christmas cookies.  I especially like to eat them in the summer.  Her friend said you mean the winter.  And Bella said no the summer.  My grandma always has Christmas cookies in the summer.  She gets them on sale.

Now to your benefit I know that it is probably late winter with the cookies thing.  And the kids really do love them.  Just wanted you to know they are thinking of you.


PS  It's crazy to realize you are a grandma, like I used to remember Grandma, with all of her food tasting just a bit musty and her house having a specific scent and knowing that she would always have fruited jello waiting for me to eat when we got there.  I only hope that my kids are saving up all these precious memories of you just like I have of Grandma.  Because to me you are still "Mom".

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Alisa said...

Once again, I love the way you write. Especially your, "pensive ponderings." You are very good at expressing yourself. You are probably the most confident woman I know. I tend to just stick to my kids or husband when it comes to our family blog. I appreciate your example of letting your family and future family know who you really are.