Monday, January 16, 2012

Because of You

I thought that I would marry late in life.  And when I had a family they would come much later too.  I thought I would be a "ball busting" career woman.  I thought I didn't need anyone to be complete.  I thought a lot of things. 

But on this day, 35 years ago, you changed all the things I unwittingly thought.  Because on July 11, 1999 I met you.  And I didn't need you to be complete, but I sure wanted you.  And I wanted to marry you immediately, even though I was 17.  I wanted to have a family shortly after that and I wanted my career to be a wife to you and a mother to our children. 

And so today I celebrate your life.  Because as son, brother, father, and husband you have made every person's life better, especially mine.  Thanks for being you babe.  Your just perfect in my eyes.

Happy Birthday! 

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