Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dear Wyatt,

How have you gotten so big?  How have you arrived at this momentous birthday?  How is it that I have another child turning 8 and getting baptized?  Man, I can't believe how proud I am of you.  Those are just a couple of the how's I've been thinking of.

I can't imagine life before you.  I really don't even try because each day since having children I have had so much more happiness.  In some ways you share the most special place in my heart with Daddy.  Although I don't have favorites each child claims a piece of me another can never claim.  The piece you claim has to do with how extraordinary you are.  So much like your dad.  So kind, considerate, loving, pleasing, without guile - just the best little man I've ever known.  You two could not be more alike if you tried.  And I love that my first born son is now the second greatest man I've ever known and I believe that someday you'll surpass your daddy to be the one of the greatest tied with your brothers of course. 

You are brilliant and I love to discuss things with you because I see your sponge brain trying to soak it all in.  Someday you'll be so smart, smarter than me, smarter than Dad and I love to watch it happening right before my eyes.  I love that you love school and your perfect attendance since your first day of Kindergarten makes you more excited than any good grade.  I love that every teacher you've ever had has oozed excitement about how much you love to learn. 

Today we celebrated your birthday, well I guess yesterday since I write in the wee hours of the morning of your birthday.  And all you wanted was to go to the temple and play around DC absorbing more of the culture and historical importance that exists there.  And that is what you are, a perfect mix of intelligence and spiritual belief.  I know you think you want to be the first missionary in China and if not there go to Japan, but I know that wherever you go, you'll be amazing- you know how to work hard.  And I love that at dinner tonight in preparation you practice using chopsticks picking up one piece of corn at a time. 

Could you be any more precious or special?  Probably not.  Thanks for existing.  Thanks for putting up with Dad and I as your parents.  Because we feel like the luckiest ones in the world.

Love, Mom

P.S.  Here are some of your memories of your b-day celebration and a special moment in your life lately - your yellow best testing and critique from your Sensei.

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