Wednesday, August 31, 2011


At the end of each school year, teachers will tell you how important it is to keep practicing the skills your child has learned that year.  You hear about the regression that occurs during the summer.  And each summer I mentally commit to do a little school time each day with my kids.  Well this summer I spent maybe two days reviewing skills.  My kids probably can't spell, remember their times tables, or a slew of other things, but we had a fun filled family summer.  And that in itself is a different kind of education, equally important.  August looked a little like this:                                    
unhealthy food
 Sportsman's Club Picnics
 Carnivals and Fairs
 Travis temporarily had the record for fastest pitch
 Hershey Park Boardwalk with water rides
 Hershey Park Regular Rides:  Kody saw this ride and said no way - See Here
Bike Rides and Park Days
 and Travis and I getting tired long before the kids did.
And then the last weekend before school we always plan one big 48 hour family fest.  This year we went to a friends pool- they filled their broken in ground hot tub to make the world's greatest sand box, then headed to a Barnstormers baseball game, watched some fireworks, had a snuggle in bed with kids morning, played, went to McDonalds for dinner, bowled a little during Hurricane Irene, snuggled in with Redbox videos, attended a baptism, went to church, lingered longer, and snuggled down one more time before receiving Father's Blessings for the new school year.   Man it was a good weekend.  Now back to a schedule.

What a cute little bum and boy!  Yummo!


Alisa said...

Those pictures show one happy family!

We Three Queens said...

I say BRAVO to you for having such a fun filled summer. Kids are only kids once. Let them forget a little here and there. What they retain will be wonderful memories of summers filled with family members who love them. Thanks for sharing your summer with us through your posts.