Friday, August 12, 2011

Not So Cheesy

Next state on our vacation tour of states was Wisconsin.  Although I wanted to get the kids some squeaky cheese, I was not willing to pay the gas station prices of $6 for a tiny bag.  So this family knows nothing of the cheese that Wisconsin makes unless it is prepackaged and sold in our grocer's refrigerator section.  From Michigan we swept down and around Lake Michigan through Chicago, the kids sneak preview, and over to Madison.

It was a cool capital city with a free zoo and adjacent beach.  The city was clean, green, and very cool with all the natural water flowing around it.  The Henry Vilas Zoo was the perfect size for our kids, not overwhelmingly huge, but covering all major animals.  It had places to eat with featured Food of the Day.  The day we were there $1 hot dogs.  Lunch is served.  There was a Carousal -pass-, a train -pass-, and a children's play land -nice.  There was a feel station where you stick your hand into a wooden box, feel an object, and try and guess what it is.  It was really cool although it caused squeamish me, to hurt myself.  I"ll spare you the details.  Overall a fun time.

From Madison we headed on over to the Wisconsin Dells.  Summed up this is the coolest place in Wisconsin to be, one of the coolest places ever, and hands down tons of family fun.  I plan to take the family back.  We spent two days there, but I could easily spend a full week there.  There were several huge resorts, but we chose to stay at Chula Vista.  It was perfect for our family.  We never left the resort it was so stocked except to head to the drive in movie to see a double feature of Captain America and Transformers 3.  Our kids first drive in theater was a success.  Note:  bring bug spray in the future.  Although they sold it there so that saved us.  As you can imagine crazy price.  We gorged on popcorn, nachos, pretzel dogs, fries, and other very unhealthy but happy food.  By the end Bella, Kody, Issac, and I were asleep on the blanket laid on the ground in front of the car, while Travis and Wyatt crazily stayed up till 1:30 to see every exciting minute.  A little friendly wrestling before the movie started.
As for Lost Rios, the main water park at our resort, well that was 120,000 square feet of pure bliss for our aquatic family. Tons of water slides, rides, wave pools, beaches, play lands, spray guns, lazy rivers, etc...Seriously we spent seven hours straight one day playing. And I think the kids could have easily spent another three. The resort boasted four restaurants, we ate at the Mexican one - mediocre to poor. But I'll take Mexican when I can get it. Other activities offered that we couldn't escape the water heaven to participate in were the Dells Ducks Boat Tours, Speed Boat Tours, Horse Riding, Trail Hiking, seriously research The Dells online. I can't begin to do it justice. Our resort alone boasted one of the best buffets I've ever seen, think Vegas - perhaps better and cheaper, there was an arcade bigger than an in Lancaster County, with your stay you got a movie card pass to take down to the video kiosk(think Redbox) and get unlimited rentals during your stay, but only one video at a time. There was a bowling alley seriously it was awesome. Words fail me. So here are some pics, but really I took so few, because I was not about to be left out of the fun.

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do you know what an awesome mom you are?! just wanted to pop in and say how amazing you are and that you take your kids all around the USA!!! you rock:)