Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So Chicago is a big city.  Although I've been before the kids had not; additionally one of my "Besties" and college buddies lives there currently so we spent the last three days of vacation there.  I have the most mixed feelings about big cities.  As an individual I love them.  Love the adventure, something to do, constant activity, cultural events galore, etc...But as a wife and mother you sort of bug me with your ridiculous traffic, constant horn honking, overcrowding, and inability to be hospitable to the 100+ people you pass daily let alone acknowledge them. 

We visited the Chicago Children's Museum which was great - my favorite exhibit was a fort building room, although the kids really loved the fireman exhibit as well. We went to Navy Pier, where I learned Kristy had never had a funnel cake and her husband went to Dental School at Pitt. I know flaming travesty I tell you. We had intended to go to the Zoo, also free, but didn't get there as we got absorbed by all the fun things to do especially just explore, visit and eat. Kristy has kids with similar ages as mine.  Kristy lives in a 2nd floor walk up which is seriously gorgeous on the outside and inside. And her funky Italian landlady just remodeled the kitchen and I love her non-fear of color.

Kristy lives just off the Lake, minutes walking to the Magnificent Mile and minutes driving to the Zoo, Navy Pier, Millennium Park, etc... So we were in the heart of down town and loving it, minus the parking fees for everywhere you go or stay.  Travis did like that the city has more sprawl than Manhattan and that there are less enormously tall buildings blocking your view constantly.  If you are a foodie, you can imagine our visit was filled with food, food, and more food, but still not near enough time for all the food.  Uno's pizza is a Chicago started specialty chain, but loco in its pricing.  Seriously 3 pizzas for the bargain price of $87.  Be still my heart.  But local diners-Stella's for pies and desserts-, taco shops-Taco Burrito House, and bakeries-House of Fine Chocolates Patisserie-proved more normally priced and fantastic to the taste buds.  If I lived in Chicago I would be poor spending every last cent I owned trying every corner shop and restaurant.
If you are a young energetic somewhat crazy single this is the place to be, for those intolerant of crazy people go elsewhere, because there are some wackos here.  Since I minored in crazy in college I love a good visit.  And since I practice eating induced food comas it was also fun.  More than two weeks later I'm still trying to lose my vacation weight, but our family had the greatest time.  Travis commented the other day, "Sometimes our family has moments in life where I think of those family-isn't it about time commercials."  Life is one big contented sigh, I hope it's the same for you.


Anja said...

So jealous you went to Chicago! I haven't been back in like 7 years and now that my parents are gone, we don't have much of a reason to visit. I miss the food and the big city! Glad you had lots of fun!!

Alisa said...

All these pictures of your vacation.....makes me want one!