Saturday, August 6, 2011

Preach It

For a plethora of years my family has been telling the world how we are hot blooded.  Yes super hot.  Very hot, the hot always kind of hot.  Most of my family has some type of sweating disorder I'm convinced.  It can be the winter and in the single digits but enter most any of our master bedrooms and you would find a window open.  We like our cars cool, our homes cold, and night time sleeping temperature down right fridgid.  My worst college experience involved complaints about my always having to have it cold.  I'll spare you the story and drama.  I myself try to forget it most times.  But I digress.

Well imagine my feeling of vindication to find this little exhibit at the Hands On Museum in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  It's an infra red camera set up.  And the big screen tv colors your heat output as well as giving a digital read out of temperature on the cross section.  Let me percolate the data for you.  The center of Travis's head radiates 89.8 degrees Farenheit of warmth.  The center of my head is radiating 92.1 F.  Yes that's 2.5 degrees warmer.  And Travis after seeing it thought maybe I had captured some weird spike.  We tested it several more times and my average was even warmer by almost a half a degree.  The conclusion I may very well be a werewolf.  I'll have to study the data further.


Alisa said...

And then Travis sang to you, "You're one hot mamma....."

Shauna Crockett said...

Looks like less than 3 degrees to me..... ????? 92.1 is not 921.