Monday, August 15, 2011


Dear Land of 10,000 Lakes,

I had high expectations for you.  I had heard so many rave reviews about your beauty, blah, blah, blah.  Long story short - I don't know that I'll miss you.  You fell sort of short for me.  Your scenery wasn't near as gorgeous as all the Alaska comparisons I had heard.  Duluth was kind of run down and a bit scary excluding some of the most wonderful gems of architecture throughout the nation that I have ever seen and a lighthouse.  I am a sucker for lighthouses.  Your children's museum left a bit to be desired, your citizens unfriendly, and Lake Superior in its infinite vastness could not even overcome all of that.  It probably didn't help that the day was overcast and we were nearing Day 7 on vacation and waning in energy levels and due to permanent road construction on your only city highway traveling through town was a nightmare.

As for the Twin Cities, well you were much better.  You had all the advantages of big city living without the big city.  Despite some crazy highways and traffic patterns you still possessed the open air charm of the Midwest.  I celebrated my birthday at the Mall of America and although not exciting there was a certain novelty factor I enjoyed.  My birthday dessert of fried dough, Auntie Anne's pretzel pieces in cinnamon and sugar, was delicious and our evening spent at the hotel pool was the most enjoyable part of my day - Note: Country Inn and Suites I fall in love with you more each time I stay: your borrow a book program, 24 hour cookies and beverage service and outstanding Continental Breakfast bring me back time and time again.  Minehaha Falls was beautiful but even more fun was riding our Wheel Fun Surrey as a family.  I thumb my nose at you, Mr. Wheel Fun Surrey Rental Man, who suggested it would not be enjoyable with just Travis and I peddling the trail.  How you underestimated the awesome physical stamina of my husband's understated physique and my twice a week spin classes.

I enjoyed the exploration, but I can safely say you are not a state I will be returning to in the near future of my own accord.

United States Traveler - Mary

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Laura Lynn said...

Oh no wonder, you weren't in the right part of the state! You gotta go farther north where the "Gateway to the pines" are and the Mississippi starts. Oh and great antiquing! Glad you had fun though!