Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Life

My life is filled with tons of bitter and sweet moments, perhaps that is the life of every mom.  It seems normal to me anyway.  But more than anything lately I have been realizing that my life is one that moves in a totally different time dimension.  My days are slipping into weeks and years and I am thrilled with the direction we are going, but can only barely keep up a record of it through this blog. 

Sweet Moment 1 - Wyatt's artwork from school gets picked to be displayed in the district office.  It is a picture of an owl he drew with the words "Sometimes I feel like an owl when I am quiet."  His art teacher just raved about how introspective Wyatt can be.
Sweet Moment 2 - Bella is the 3rd person in her class to pass her multiplication test.  100 problems in 5 minutes.  She worked hard for this and I am proud.  Now onto division.
 Sweet Moment 3 - Stealing moments of family bonding time.  Before church on Sunday, we go in the afternoon, it was nice and so we went down to the school to ride bikes.  I can feel spring is soon here.
 Bitter Moment 1 - More and more I see these faces from the two older kids, the look of total disgust with what I have said or done.  Bella is starting to exhibit "teen behaviors" and it scares me to death. 
 Bittersweet Moment 1 - Kody refuses to wear underwear.  Some days I lose the fight but then I am rewarded with a cute bum surprise when he bends over and I can't help but smile.
 Bittersweet Moment 2 - After having a mentor of mine last year enquire why I let my sons have haircuts like Issac's mowhawk, no extreme hairstyles rule as indicated by the mission handbook and For the Strength of Youth booklet as a guideline, I had determined I wouldn't let my boys have those haircuts anymore.  Once again I lost the fight or gave in and cut Issac a mowhawk.  Only to find out from his teacher that he started a trend in his Pre-K and now there are four other little boys who followed suit this week. 
 Bittersweet Moment 3 - Travis, Wyatt and I working on Wyatt's Pinewood Derby car.  Travis and I are both pretty competitive and have very specific ways we want to do things.  So occasional friction, but mainly just good fun as we brain stormed our way through this process.  In the end Wyatt was totally thrilled with the end product so yeah!
 Sweet Moment 4 - Buying half a pig for the bargain price of $180ish and getting 83 lbs of finished meat.  That's like $2.20/lb.  But this meat is awesome and I have oodles of steaks, roasts, pork chop, bacon, ribs, sausage, etc...Happy day at our house.
 Sweet Moment 5 - The highlight of the week: with the addition of the pig, our outdoor freezer is packed to capacity.  We have 150 lbs of meat as well as strawberries, blueberries, rhubarb, peas, corn, and other store bought frozen veggies, pumpkin puree, bread, frozen premade meals, and quick frozen food for the days I am in crisis.  And on this same day I spent another $300 on food and officially finished our family's 1 year supply of food storage.  After inventorying, stocking, and reorganizing we have six months of normal food we eat and six more months of raw foods as outlined rice, sugar, flour, beans, dry milk, wheat, etc...  All that is left stocking up water. 
 Sweet Moment 6 - Wyatt attends the Awana Grand Prix, the equivalent of the Pinewood Derby.  He participated through going to Bible Study with a neighbor on Wednesdays until he turns 8 and starts our church's scouting program.  In his age bracket there were 36 entries and 68 total entries.  His car is the third one on the green track.
 Sweet Moment 7 - Kody cheers for Wyatt as Wyatt wins his heat.  He was in four heats and ended up coming in first all four heats.
 Sweet Moment 8 - Wyatt wins fourth in his category for best design of a car and 6th overall for fastest car.  Both earned him trophies.  And although it was super fun to build it together etc....etc....winning is still awesome.  I already told you I am uber competitive.  Let it go already!
Man life is filled with sweet moments as long as I take time from my time altered universe to recognize those moments.  Here is hoping each of you are taking the time also!


Alisa said...

LOVE the cheeks!!!

Sommer said...

You rock Mary. That is awesome about the food storage and I bet that is such a good feeling and relief. I completely know what you mean about time and trying to enjoy the sweet moments. Thanks for the reminder.