Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear Jamie Oliver,

I think I love you.  I mean that in the most non-stalkerish and threatening way.  It all started several years ago, 2002 actually.  I was newly married and finishing my last semester of college.  I was pregnant with my first child and so naturally I had a little free time on my hands, which I spent watching quite a bit of tv, your show actually Jamie's Kitchen.  Although you weren't handsome in the most traditional sense I quickly and naturally fell completely in lust with you.  You were refreshingly unkempt for a girl who loves clean cut.  Plus your accent didn't hurt the equation at all.  I soon started looking for you on the tv and quickly became a fan of Oliver's Twist and old reruns of The Naked Chef.

Then, this month I was reading Better Homes and Garden.  And you brought me via the magazine my new favorite dessert - Easy Orange-Carrot Cake.  I made the recipe and my lust turned legitimate.  Oh yeah imagine breathy sighs, birds singing, and building music in the background.  Your commentary on the recipe said "We all love a treat once in a while, and a slice of this carrot cake will definitely put a smile on your face...The icing will make it a bit more indulgent, but if you're only baking this every once in a while and serving a small wedge rather than a huge slice, there's nothing wrong with a little indulgence."  You were not lying about the smile you put on my face or less personal the smile you promised to put on the faces of those who made this cake.  It is amazing without the frosting, but with the frosting it is divine. 

Somehow I feel like I might have let you down though.  Because what started with a small wedge quickly turned into 2 small wedges.  And when my 3 year old son didn't want to finish his I added a third wedge.  I couldn't possibly waste it could I.  But guess what I am still smiling.  And I still think I love you.  So...if you ever happen to be in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and want to continue the food affair you just let me know.  Seriously I'll make time.  And just between me and you while writing that last sentence I think I stumbled upon the name of your next big show Food Affair or my little bakery I plan to open someday. 

Love, Enraptured, Enamored, Lustily, (I can't pick which one suits best)


Solviej said...

I love Jamie too. I want a copy of that recipe now!

Laura Lynn said...

I have one of his cookbooks and love it. I saw that same recipe in BHG and wanted to try it - now I will!

maddi raleigh said...

I totally agree, he's great, just spent three hours yesterday watching Oliver's Twist!

The Conger's said...

That post from Maddi Raleigh was actually from me, I didn't realize she was logged on, not me.