Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Middlecreek Wildlife Management Area

Ever wonder what 85,000 snow geese look like on one lake?  It's quite amazing.  Every year about 25 minutes from our house on the wildlife management area these geese come in March.  It is the midway point of their migration back up to northern Canada and the news man was saying even the Artic.  They rest for a couple of weeks gathering more in numbers each day.  And then they start to depart just as they came.  The trick is visiting at the apex of their numbers.  We thought the kids might think this was interesting.  As a bonus it was pretty cool for me and Travis to see too.

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Laura Lynn said...

Cool Mary.
We'll have to go up there. Every day when we drive in to Hershey there are hundreds in the fields but that's the closest we've gotten to such a large group!