Thursday, February 3, 2011


5am: finished my book and went to sleep

6:30: woke up, got the kids up and off to school
7:30: go get Issac to prep him for Pre-K to step in and see vomit (no worries, he's not sick, but if my kids don't eat a good dinner their stomach bile becomes too acidic and they start the next day with emptying their acidic stomachs) to be safe keep Issac home from Pre-K for observation. yeah it was just the dinner thing because cran-raspberry juice and a waffle later he feels great.

8-10: sleep on the couch while a 3 and 5 year old boy watch barbie: the princess and pauper repeatedly
12: go to the optometrist for Issac's eye appointment (his primary care physician thought he "might" need glasses) it is deduced that his vision is so poor that only a pediatric opthomologist specialist will be able to treat him, referrals concluded, specialist appointments set up, some shocking, somewhat disturbing news that unless you are 2 inches and completely level with Issac you are just a fuzzy shape to him; find out every three months he will need to go to the opthamologist for the next year or so for follow up treatment, upside Dr. Walton my costco optometrist doesn't charge us for the visit. I love him for many reasons but this is just one more reason: "the fact that he knows we will pay a small fortune in the upcoming year(s)"

12:30: travis meets us at Costco for lunch and to check up on the eye appt conclusions
1: decide to buy a 47"tv, find out they only have the floor model left of the one we want, can order it but will be after the rebate period or we can reserve it at the next closest Costco in Harrisburg - decide to reserve it and pick it up tomorrow.
1:30 leave Costco with crying, fit throwing kody, put him down for nap after he sleeps for ten minutes in the car with more fit throwing
2:15 pick up kids from the bus stop and try to contemplate how what I thought would be a completely mundane eventless day turned into this day filled with many highlights

oh and my brand new camera is not downloading pics to my computer. but pics of Issac trying glasses frames on to come. let's just say he has very specific tastes

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Christie said...

I totally thought from your title that you had gotten highlight in your hair. I kept waiting for "3pm go to the beauty shop and get hot highlights that even Travis is jealous of".

What a day! What a woman!