Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Love....

I love seeing Travis get a glimpse of this cake.  It's his favorite. 

And seeing this smile as a result of his happiness at getting to lick the bowl. 

 I loved the berry sauce on Travis's b-day dessert from P.F. Chang.
I love being with Travis

And friends and being totally ridiculous.

I love a good burger, this homemade half turkey burger recipes I found is banging.

I love setting a nice table and having friends over for a fancy lunch.

And seeing my house all clean before the fun chaos and mess begins.

I love the cakes this bakery by our house makes.  This chocolate peanut butter cake was not only beautiful but good and I don't even like chocolate cake or cake in general really.

I love my neighbors and our get togethers.  I love that we all get along.  And are always there in a jam.

I love seeing this car and its owner total Hoyt dedication and thinking of my brother in law and the statistics he is always spouting to me about Hoyt and archery hunters in PA.  He works for Hoyt.

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