Monday, February 29, 2016

February Fun

I've become obsessed with indexing and finding names for the temple.
It's a great stuck inside winter activity.
 February is Black History month.  In school they did a reader's theater.
Issac was asked to participate.  He did awesome.  I love the way he sits.
 Super Bowl Sunday was a relaxed affair with one of our friend's family coming over.
Great and plentiful food.  So fun.
 While on a date night with my hubby and friends for Valentine's Day,
we found this poster in a shop.  I was just laughing.
 Isabella bought Travis a bowtie for Christmas. 
He doesn't love it stylistically, but he wears it for Isa.
I think he looks handsome and dashing.
 My dog is ridiculously awesome.
Even the way that she lays sprawled out like a human.

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