Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sports, Sports, Sports

Growing up I lived and died for sports.  It didn't have to be a team sport, it could be as easy and simple as backyard pick up games.  My parents made us a patio with a basketball court.  We had a great yard and we played many football and baseball games, ran countless foot races.  We lived on the edge of a wooded area and we played hosts of very intense games of Ollie, Ollie In Come Free or Capture the Flag type games before they had names and brands of their own.

Despite all of this, my parents also heavily emphasized music.  I wasn't always so on board with the music thing and by the time my piano teacher sent a polite letter to my mother telling her that I would no longer be her student because it was a waste of her time and my own, I cheered inside and promised I would never make my kids do the things I loved.

Deep down, I never worried though because I knew they would be super athletic and love it as much as me.  How couldn't they, I mean I worked out through most every pregnancy not only in a gym but playing volleyball and the occasional pick up game of basketball.  I even skied a time or two.

But alas, Heavenly Father has a rather ironic sense of humor and despite many false starts, ballet, tap, karate, baseball, wrestling, running, etc...most of the three older kids just dabbled on the edges of athletics never taking to it the way I would have loved.  Biologically speaking they were perfect physical specimens of gymnastics and wrestling. 

In the end, I held true and discontinued the mini push to love sports. But what really did shock me is the way that child number 4, Kody, has taken his own initiative to join every sports team available.  It started with baseball camp last summer.  Then he wrestled, with great success and is already chomping at the bit for baseball season to begin.  His last wrestling practice is March 1st and the first baseball is March 14th and he thinks he will "die" waiting those two weeks.

Last week there was a tournament and he wrestled three matches, it was double elimination.  He ended up in the Champion bracket, but lost and placed 2nd in 6ish school tournament.  We were quite proud, but he went from being super sad and trying to fight tears, to sobbing, and finally flipped the switch to angry Kody.  Eventually he got happy again that day, thanks to his friend inviting him over for a playdate. 

But I can't wait to watch baseball season take root and see what he brings.  If nothing else I love that we share this love.

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