Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Crazy Time is Over

For two and a half months I run around like a crazy person starting the middle of November.  I get Christmas set up, we leave for Texas and spend Thanksgiving there.  We return just in time for Issac's birthday and party.  I furiously prepare for Christmas.  I make it through Christmas, do the post Christmas craze and plan for two more birthdays - Travis and Wyatt.  This year Candela came to visit too. 

But February starts my month of practically nothing and I love it.  It's the rest I need before heading into Spring.  But January wrap up included:
I have finally mastered cheesecake - cranberry cheesecake

Cinderella @Hershey Theatre with Boobaloo

Wyatt's birthday ice cream cake

Isa tries the skater vibe....

Kody finally decides he cares about school.  He starts bringing me A's.

He looses more teeth.  I had hope for Christmas so we could sing "All I Want for Christmas"

As Family History Consultant, I rolled out a new program for our ward.

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