Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nature Club

Today is the last day of Nature Club.  It's amazing how great our little country school is, at least from  my perspective.  Three days a week, they offer free clubs to the kids who would like to participate in diverse sets of activities that appeal to their interests.

Monday - Circus Club
Tuesday - Nature Club
Wednesday - Gym Club

Wyatt happens to participate in all three.  What a little joiner he is.  But Bella did the same and I happily let them.  We have teachers who do it, because they believe in teaching.  "Aaaah" breath of fresh air after all the talk of testing, common core and all the other bureaucratic nightmares of public education.

Circus Club teaches stilt walking, unicycle riding, juggling, cup stacking, tumbling, etc...

Gym Club is sports pick up games.  Think your and my childhood, where you just gathered your friends to play basketball, football or baseball in the backyard and streets.  Well in a world where safety makes this a frightening prospect, the school lets the kids stay once a week and figure out what games they want to play.  Sometimes several going at once.

Nature Club is brand new this year.  It was for those kids interested in learning about nature, their surroundings and physical sciences.  Surprisingly to me it draws an equal crowd of boys and girls.  It makes the sciences exciting and more accessible.  It is filled with tons of field trips that take you out into the surrounding area and woods.  Our last field trip was a creek study, where they learned about water bugs, pollution and how to know how clean the water is due to the identification of bugs in the water.  So cool!!!

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